• The dairy industry is a key component of the economy on the island providing much needed employment spread across rural areas.


  • The industry processes approximately 7 billion litres of milk per annum, supplied by 18,000 family farms, many of whom are owners of the primary business.


  • Since the abolition of quotas, Ireland is on the road to becoming a global leader in the development of a high value, environmentally sustainable dairy industry based on our extensive grass-based dairy system. Irish dairy companies have invested hundreds of millions towards this goal, resulting in over €4 billion worth of exports in dairy products, ingredients and nutritional products per annum.


  • Irish dairy is exported to 155+ markets world wide with international markets beyond the EU becoming increasingly important. In 2017 these international markets are projected to take over 50% of Irish dairy exports for the first time.

  • Irish primary dairies continue to be 100% Irish owned entities, and the quality of our produce is reflected in the fact that 3 of the world's major specialised nutrition companies have chosen to base key secondary processing sites in Ireland.

Ireland's Dairy Industry

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